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How can I synchronize two signals in Labview?

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The first signal is an index pulse that gives the position of a reference point of the wheel (signal=1 for 0° and signal=0 for 1-360°), and the second signal gives the total force that the wheel is experiencing. The two signals have different sampling rates. The first signal is always 360/rotation, but the second signal varies from cycle to cycle based on how fast the force is changing. The signals are in the form of two columns of numbers in an excel spreadsheet.


I would like Labview to output the angular position in degrees of the reference point at the time in the cycle when the wheel is experiencing the maximum force. Can anyone suggest a vi or a method that I might be able to use for this task? I am new to Labview, so any help is appreciated.

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Hi Westerman,


I'm having a little trouble understanding the basics of what you're trying to do. A little more details would be very helpful in pointing you in the right direction .So are you trying to align the timestamps/reference time of the two signals? 


I've included a link to a document which describes generally how rotary encoders (I assume your index pulse indicates you're using an incremental encoder) can be utilized within LabVIEW.


You should also try searching the forums for other issues relating to using a rotary encoder in LabVIEW. I was able to find several with example code included.


Feel free to provide us with a few more details and we can help to guide you further.


Andy C.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments


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