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How can I switch to a subVI's front panel during execution of a standalone application built with Application Builder?

The file names "look exactly" as in your project does not mean they are the same 🙂 Did you unzip my zip file, and did you open my project? Besides, you do NOT need to include the subVI in your build specification. You would only need to do so, if this subVI was called dynamically.

But if you open my project, you can see how I specified my project build exe...


"However, this doesn't do quite what I want, which is to switch the front panel to a new VI.  Is there any way to do that, or is that not possible with LabVIEW?"

Based on your VIs, I strongly advice you to take the online trainings. What you want to do is not a basic thing, you should learn first the general things for LV, do not start with advanced programming tasks... Anyway, in advance I can tell you one option what would fulfil your requirements: using LV subpanels. You can have a look at the following links, but I repeat, you are not at this level yet. First go through some training courses, you will see it will pay back your effort later...


Edit: as a workaround, you could use a TAB container from the "Classic" palette, and hide the tabs and corner of it. So you can just use a single VI (single block diagram), but "virtually" your GUI will look like a mult-panel one...Just a moment, I put together an example for you...

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Find it attached.

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