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How can I stop the inner while loop when the outer while loop stops

Here is a simple example for a state machine that does stimulus > response tests, analyzes the data and logs it to file.  Very standard stuff.  The states are init, config, stim, read, anal, log, close.  You can see how by changing the NEXT state control in the CURRENT state makes it easy to re-order (or skip) the states and gives you control over your programs flow.  it also makes it very easy to add new states for more options in the future.


I think you're using LV9 so I wrote it in 8.5.1.


EDIT: BTW, I started this code by opening the STANDARD STATE MACHINE template.  Look at the templates offered for more examples and a good way to jump start your projects (until you can write your own templates).

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Thank you.

I will work on the vi during weekend when Im done with my finals.

If I face any problem iIl post it on the forum


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OK, good luck!


Once you become comfortable with the basic SM you can look into its more advanced cousins:

1.  Queued SM

2.  Queued SM with parallel UI loop

3.  SMs with AEs (Action Engines)

4.  LVOOP based SMs.

5. SCMs (State of Confusion Machines Smiley TongueSmiley FrustratedSmiley LOLSmiley Embarassed)

LabVIEW Pro & Measurement Studio Pro (VS Pro) 2019
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