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How can I simulate Data Acquisition devices using Labview 8.2 Evaluation.

I'm trying to use Labview 8.2 evaluation to run some of the tutorials on the NI website. I'm trying to run some of the tutorials that require Data Acquisition, so I was trying to use DAQ simulation via Measurement and Acquisition Explorer. But I think I need NIDAQmx. Is there a way around this? I guess I could use the Labview 8.2 online version, but running Labview locally is more convenient

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You need the NI-DAQmx drivers installed in order to create simulated DAQ devices.
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I downloaded and installed NI-DAQmx 8.5, but it looks like it requires a license to run. Is there an evaluation version available?

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Hi Tonyi,

NI-DAQmx does not require any license or activation. This is also what will allow you to create simulated devices by opening Measurement and Automation explorer (MAX) >>  right-clicking on ‘Devices and interfaces’ >> Create New >> NI-DAQmx Simulated Devices, press Finish. Now choose the device and press OK. After the device is finished  being created in MAX, you will be able to see it in LabVIEW.

David L.
Systems Engineering
National Instruments
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