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How can I set the parameters for a Pulnix TM-6740CL camera using "IMAQ Set Camera"?



I have a Pulnix camera (model TM-6740CL) connected to a PC via an IMAQ interface. I use LabVIEW 8.2.1 and have been trying to create a small program for the adjustment of different camera parameters (shutter speed (manual), gain (ch. A/B) etc.) on-the-fly.


My question is: how can I use the "IMAQ Set Camera" to control these parameters while grabbing? In particular, my problem is that I am not able to find the proper designations of the different attributes (such that they are processable by the imaq.dll library).


Maybe someone can give me a useful hint.




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OK, I am now able to be more specific here.


I am using a NI PCI 1428 interface with the mentioned camera. The actual problem I have is that the corresponding icd-file available does not support all attributes that I would like to modify within LabVIEW. In particular, it does not contain any reference to Gain values or Reference Voltage.


My question now is: how can I address and adjust these parameters if they do not appear in the camera file? Has anybody come across an updated version which does contain these attributes? Or this there another way for me to attack the problem?


Any help will be much appreciated!



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Please someone with ideas!! I have the same problem...

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Attached you will find a camera file for the TM-6740 which includes some attributes, e.g. BitDepth, Shutter, ScanMode and so on.


If you are still missing some attributes you can add them by yourself using the NI Camera File Generator or contact Pulnix to add the attributes for you.





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I totally agree with Christian. In the end I used the Camera File Generator to add some necessary features. I attach the file that is currently in use for our camera, in case it might be of interest.




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Thanks Christian and Benjamin, I will se both files and will post...

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