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How can I send high to a specific FIO port of Labjack U3-LV



So I am writing a program to send high to a port on the labjack when a condition is met. So far I have read the documentation from Labjack and I am sure I can write the condition program but because I am relativelynew to this, I dont know how I can send high to a port on the labjack when the condition has been met. Like for example, when the V=1.2, send high to FIO2 (to switch on a relay)


Any help/pointer will be appreciated.



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Hi concacid,


What signal are you reading that serves as the condition in your application? Are you using one of the other ports on the U3-LV (i.e. reading from one port and conditionally writing to another)?


Tom D.
Staff Software Engineer
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Finally a reply! Thanks


I am reading a low voltage signal from the same port and writing to same. If I configure to high output, I dont know if I will be able to still read the voltage anymore but I want both to be simultaneous since the voltage threshold is what determines the condition of switching. What can I do?

Thank you

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It looks like LabJack has several LabVIEW examples offered on their website--I'd recommend taking a look there for some insight on how to read and write from the U3-LV ports. It seems that they offer Read and Write functions similar to LabVIEW's DAQmx functions, so I would think that your application would consist of a write function inside a case structure, which is only called when the read function returns the desired voltage.

Tom D.
Staff Software Engineer
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