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How can I run ELM 327 OBDII using labview to log data?

I have ELM 327 OBDII and I downloaded the code provided on this website to read car details on LabView but. I could not run the program because it gave me errors ... I need a solution for my problem and if someone could provide me with another code to try it..
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Code from where? I can't find ELM or 327 on the the instrument driver network.

Essential information that you have not provided is the error code and error messages that you get. Can't provide any help on fixing something when no one knows what the exact nature of your problem is. Also provide details on how you are connecting the instrument to the pc.
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The ELM327 is an interface that supports all OBD2 protocols with a USB port.  i have attached a picture of it for you to understand what my question was..


I have tried so many codes but it didnot work. Can you ssend me  a code to try ? Thank you.

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You still didn't say what the errors are!

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I asked three questions and all that you did was answer one and probably the most trivial of the three.
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