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How can I registrer Data so I can reuse it instead of working on it right after ?

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Hi ! 

This might sound a really basic question for you guys, I checked in the historic I did not find the answer somewhere else.

Right now I am acquiring data , and applying a post processing VI right away on it to try to improve the result ( Microscopy technology, trying to do the best pictures possible)

My technic today is to scan an object. By that I mean my acquisition has an end by itself, its not a non limit acquiring system.

I would like to be able to register easily somewhere the data of one shot, so I can try on it later on by charging it all the technics I would like to try.
The goal is to keep the same sample.

Right now I can do that, as long as I dont switch off computer. My aim is to have a file with the data that I can easily upload in the VI process.

I wonder if I am clear, my English is not top of the notch.

Could you help me doing that ? 
I can t send you the VI so yo ucan have an idea of what I am doing, I have a lot connected on each other, it would be too big.
I join to this post a picture of the VI at the moment where data arrives and go into the post processing VI

On the top right you can see something I just added, something which seems going into my diection.
Is it a good idea ? Is it the right place to put it ? 

Thanks a lot for your help ! 


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Accepted by topic author Magea

Hi magea,


convert your program to use a producer-consumer structure. Put DAQ and postprocessing in separate loops.


When having done this you can easily exchange your producer loops to use either real DAQ or just read/play a file of recorded data.


And try to improve your DATAFLOW! Putting a lot of locals in frames of stacked sequences inside cases inside (invisible) loops doesn't seem to be the "best" DATAFLOW possible… 😄

Best regards,

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Hi GerdW

Thanks a lot for your quick answer ! 

I understand what you mean. 
By " use a producer-consumer structure" you mean just separate the loops ? Not a special function of Labview that I do not know ? 
You based this advice on the picture I send right ? 

These questions can sound noobish but it is because I am one, I started labview 2 weeks ago ^^'

And when you say " just read/play your file" I do not know how to implement something which will make me chose between working on the data and this solution. And which VI or function will save the data in the right file 😕


Thanks a lot


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Hi Magea,


- Producer-Consumer scheme is a standard programming scheme. LabVIEW comes with a predefined project to start on, containing a lot of comments in the code…

- saving/reading files is done with functions from the file palette. You need to choose a file format before starting programming…

- Did you finish all those free online courses offered on to learn LabVIEW?

Best regards,

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Hi GerdW,

To be honnest I am an intern who has just beeing pushed into the big swimming pool and having to learn how to swin right away XD

I am working on an old set up which I did not design from the beginning.

I did not really have time to follow any courses even if I uderstand the interest.

Whatever, what you told me helped me a lot, thank you


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Hi Magea,


you really have to speak with your teacher/boss! When you're an intern to work on an existing software setup you need to get some instructions/software descriptions/courses to learn the programming language.


I wouldn't want to have an intern do some programming on a software used for production without being tought how to do this…

Best regards,

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