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How can I read the currently logged in user name?

Is it possible to read the currently logged in user name in LabView?
Can this be done with ActiveX controls?
What I want to do is to read the user name to correlate it with
his/her EMail account to automatictly send an EMail notifier to
the logged in user when a error or user specified event occurs.
The Computer is running with WindowsXP professional connected to
the internet and a internal company Windows domain. We are using
LabView 7.1.
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For that you don't even need ActiveX. Simply create a property node and select the property App.Username. However, I believe that this only documents the name in which the user was created. If you change the name, this will still remain the same.
You may want to do some digging into the registry to find out exactly where the current user's name is stored. Then, you can use the registry VIs to extract it.

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You solved my problem. It works fine with the property node.
Thanks a lot!
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