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How can I make this vi to write into ms access?


I had this sub vi and I need to make it work so that it writes data in Microsoft access. Write now it writes data into notepad. Please if anybody help me out?

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You either need to use ActiveX or use the Databse Connectivity Toolkit (extra $).

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It certainly does not write to Notepad unless you are doing soemthing pretty fancy in the missing subVI. You are probably just creating a text file that Notepad can open.


In order to write to a database, you can use the Database Connectivity Toolkit or something like LabSQL.

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Thank you for replying that but I think I can use TDMS files and write into it and then use that in ms access. I was taught this in labview core 2 class. I am confused

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Yes you are write , its a text file which opens with notepad. Sorry I did not clarify over that.

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There is an Excel, not Access, Add-in for TDMS.

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Thank You for replying i will try and doing that .

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