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How can I make this VI faster? I am working with NI 9217 and NI 9263 on a NI cDAQ-9178

What I want to do is simple, with a RTD (NI 9217) output a voltage that is proportional to the temperature (NI 9263).

I need to run this VI at a rate of at least 1ms, if I can do 0,1ms, even better. The thing is, that it runs every 500ms, even when I use a timed loop or a metronome and specify it to run at faster speeds.

It was even slower before, it ran at around on time per second. I managed to make it faster by adjusting the properties in the DAQ Assistant for the NI 9217, in Properties->RTD Set-up->Device->ACD Timming Mode->High Speed, but it is still not fast enough.

Here is a snapshot of the VI.

VI V4 Screenshot.PNG

I am admittedly a noob with LabView. I just picked it up 3 days ago. So the solution to the problem may actually be really simple, or at least I hope.

The "y = 0,4x - 10 formula" is to scale the temperature in °C to volts, in a range between 10 and -10.

I am using a 64bit computer with Windows 7 Enterprise.

Thank you in advanced.


Edit: RDT -> RTD

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Hi noob,


read the manual for your NI9217 module: it tells you all you need to know about possible sample rates…

And sample rates are your limiting factor here!

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2020 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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