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How can I install 2020 community on multiple computers in my high school classroom?

I would like to install labview 2020 community on 20 computers in my room for student experiment use. I believe I can install on three different computers but only one can run at a time. Must each student create an account on a separate computer to use during the school year? Then the process must be repeated each year as the license is good for 365 days? Or is there a better way?

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For most licensing questions, it's best to contact NI directly.
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Honestly I believe you can just install it on all your computers, as according to the LabVIEW Community Edition Usage Details


General Guidance on Use
K-12 (Primary & Secondary School) Use Cases
LabVIEW Community Edition may be used:

For all primary and secondary schools (K-12)
For clubs and competitions (such as FIRST Robotics) outside of K-12 education


Q: “I’m a high school teacher and a LabVIEW advocate – I’ve created some LabVIEW apps to help run some experiments. Can I use the new LabVIEW Community Edition?”
A: Yes. Non-commercial primary/secondary school uses are allowed by the LabVIEW Community Edition licensing.


But you still might want to talk to a NI Rep about how many installations you can have under one name. So every student does not have to sign up for a NI account. (But I bet NI wants everyone to have a NI account so they have their contact information)

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The Community license, as I understand it, may not be used in an Academic setting.  I suggest you contact NI for clarification, however.  They can definitely explain the legal and licensing issues for you.


Bob Schor


P.S. -- I'm happy to be corrected/enlightened if my first sentence is incorrect.

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I'd seen those faqs. You're probably right in that NI would like the student info.3 installs one use at a time.


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Thanks, @RTSLVU, for correcting me about the Licensing Issue.  I would amend my response and say you should contact NI to ask how you can install, say, 20 copies of LabVIEW CE for a Student Teaching Lab using a single License (or Licensee, as the case may be) -- they are bound to have a mechanism for this.


Bob Schor

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