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How can I insert code that generates the color the subject will be using to do a test into an existing vi?

The study will be run on the Thinkpadusing Win98 - no need to transfer to a newer laptop/OS. Or to a newer ver of Labview. The Thinkpad will do for the experiment.


The DAQ card is a DAQ Card 1200 CB-50LP (1998).


I do not need to transfer Labview, Drivers or anything. I simply want to make a code change to one of the existing vi's to do what I need. I have a Merlin exe and a Set_seq exe. Merlin is the main program. Set_seq exe is what we use to enter the button push pattern (ABCD) for each colour. I will attach word doc's explaining this.







Ned Kelleher BCom/BA/EETG
Lab Technologist/Instructor

School of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
AAC 395
Acadia University
Wolfville, NS B4P 2R6




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I always hesitate to open MS Word documents.  If they were pdfs, I'd feel more comfortable.

I may login using the Linux machine and look at your docs using OpenOffice.


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Hey Ray


Sorry about that. I made PDF's out of the Word docs for ya

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Thanks Ned,


I will look at the pdfs tonight.  Sorry about being paranoid...  But with MS Office & viruses, you can't be too careful  😄

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Hello Ned


Thank you for posting to our forums.  I'd like to extend a thank you ro Ray. R for his insight into this matter.  I have read through the forums but just would really appreciate if you could summarize what state you are in currently.  This would best help assist you in this matter.  Thank you very much for your patience.  I look forward to your response so that I may address your needs.


Greg S.
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Hey Greg S.


All of my vi's work with the IBMThinkpad Win 98 no problem. The 1200 DAQ cards work no problem. I do not have driver isssues, or need to to move the older ver of Labview to a newer OS. It is old tech but it is working great. I have an exe Merlin vi and a set-sequence exe vi to use during the trials. I have all supporting vi's in a folder on the IBM desktop.


Begin a trial:


The grid on the computer screen changes from white to black, and then from black to red, yellow, or blue. When the grid turns black it means get ready, when it changes to a color it means GO! The goal is to move through the A B C D sequence associated with that color with your dominant hand as quickly as you can.


What I have been asked to do is determine the colour coming up for the next immediate trial (wether it is the first, middle or last trial to be completed), then flash that colour for 3 seconds - then change from white to black, and then from black to red, yellow, or blue. We want to give the subject a better preview of what colour is coming at them.


That's it. I had some really great help with a force plate program I wrote in the Fall 2010 from the NI forums. I thought I would see if anyone had a quick and dirty fix for this. My earlier posts contain the vi attachments. I attached 2 PDF files for Ray (I attached .doc files that he didn't want to open) that explain the procedures for doing a practice trial, acquisition trial and a retention trial.


Thank you all for your help and patience.



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I'm not able to run your program since "get" is missing, but I think I'm starting to see what you're trying to do.  It seems like you'll need to add maybe a color box indicator to the bottom corner of your front panel or something like that.  Then you can write the color that's coming up to that box in the correct part of the sequence structure.  A "next color" indicator sounds like the kind of thing you're looking to add.  Am I way off base on this? 

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Actually that was what I was thinking. Just create one box as a preview - place somewhere on the screen. Leave the 16 text boxes alone. I do not want to damage and have to rerwrite any of the vi's because of time constraints. If I could get some help creating a simple preview that would be ideal.


When the program is run, the same routine is done each time. There is an indicator to turn text boxes white, then flash the colour to be used for the trial. So I just want to pick off the red, blue, yellow numerical value and dispaly it as a preview for 3 seconds.


I will attach




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Here are the rest of the vi's

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