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How can I import the latest version of Axon 200B ABF file. The posted ABF reader doesnt work for me so far

Hi all:

I am using Axon 200B patch clamp amplifier to perform electrophysiology data acquisition. I think I am using the latest version of the ClampEX software which is the generating abf data files that I can not read using LabView anymore. 


I used to be able to process abf files following this way when the file format is abf 1.8 or earlier:


I guess Axon modified the file structure so that I can not read it anymore. I am attaching the file in the latest format and 1.8 format. Really hope someone can help me out to get the latest format read out in LabView so that I can perform batch data processing much more easily. 

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I have the same problem. How can you get the problem solved? Any update?

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Though not an ideal option, you can export the new data format to the old data format:

If you can find a dll for reading the new format ABF files, you can also look into using that dll in LabVIEW using our Call Library Function Node:

R Dahlman
National Instruments

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Dear DahlmanR:


Thanks for your reply. I think both your solution will work. 


Solution 1 is not ideal but I guess if we can not find any better solution, it may be the way to go. 


I am more interested in solution 2 and I did find a package of documents from Axon, which contains a dll file. You think it is the one that we can use to solve the problem?

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Hi, I just published a couple of VIs for reading ABF 1.8 & ABF2 files. You can have a look there, please tell me if I could improve anything.


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