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How can I get a list for all available printers as in add Printer Wizard?


I would like to get a list of all printers that have an integrated drivers in the system from microsoft like that list in the add printer wizared in windows.


Any suggestion will be appreciated! 


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Did you check the community example : Get a listing of the printers and Set the default printer

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That example retrives only all installed printers. What I need is something else. I need a list of all printers that have drivers in windows. This list includes all printers (installed and not yet installed).


Actually, I have searched alot on the web in different forums and communities, but I am still not able to get what I need or to find a way to get what I need!


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I'm just throwing out a guess here but is all printers that are installed and or have been previously installed listed in the Windows registry somewhere? If so, you can read the registry for the information. I have done the same thing before to get all installed fonts.


Doing a quick google search returned this from Microsoft:


In the article, about 3/4th the way down it talks about Printer Entries:


"Each installed printer has a subkey in the following Registry path:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers \<printer name>"


The list of printers here might be what you are looking for.


I also included my code for the Fonts List, and Getting/Setting the default printer for help on the Registry VIs.

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Thanks for your answer! but this is still not solve what I need.

I am looking for getting something like the complete printer list, that appears in the "add printer wizard" (See attached figure in my first post)

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