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How can I find the equation used by a .vi?


I have a LabView project with a few different .vi's and each of them has their own equation. These equations allow the software to report flow and pressure based on voltages.


When I open one of these .vi's, which are named things like "Volt to pressure" or "amp to pressure", I see two boxes. One is labeled "Volt" and the other "Pressure"; pretty straightforward. I enter a voltage in the vi and I can get it to spit a pressure back to me. I need to know how to access and modify the equation being used.


I am very very new and inexperienced with LabView, so any help I can get would be great. Thank you.

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Just double-click the "boxes" and they will open as a VI. Now you can look at the diagram of the subVI.

You really should start with a few tutorials.

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Ctrl-click a box (.vi) or double click and then press ctrl+e to show the logical diagram. If the diagram is removed from the .vi, which can be done to hinder tampering, it gets harder.


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