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How can I enable spectral stitching technique with FPGA modules?

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Hi all, 

I have a hard time implementing LabVIEW project with several products like FPGA 7975s, 5791RFs, and some else.

I really want to expand my LTE system's bandwidth, but I'm not sure how to figure it out. (5791's instantaneous bandwidth is 100MHz, and I want to make it higher)

Meantime, I saw the patent about 'spectral stitching' that NI implemented in 2016 and showed at NIWeek. (

I wanted to get more information but I think there is not enough.

Would you please tell me any further information, or codes, or any other ideas about spectral stitching? or expanding bandwidth?

I need your help.

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Hi! Unfortunately the source code for the spectral stitching technique that we demonstrated at NIWeek 2016 is fairly specific to the hardware being used, and I expect it would not be trivial to implement for the 5791. If you could send me a direct message with your contact information, I'd love to discuss your requirements / application in more detail by email.

Rob B
FlexRIO Product Manager
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