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How can I define the intermittency factor of a signal?

Hi everyone,


I want to ask how can I determine the intermittency factor of any signal.


The intermittency factor is a ratio of the time of high frequency distortion in the signal to the total time of the signal. So, Intermittency=time_turbulent / time_total.


I have attached an image file and original vi with source vis to show the high distortion time in blue lines. I want to determine the total time of these distortion in the blue lines. Then I will divide this total time corresponding the high level distortions in the blue lines by the total time of the signal to calculate the intermittency.


How can I achieve this? Could you please help me? Regards,


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I'm not sure if there is any built-in way to do this. You would probably have to implement your own logic. If I were to tackle this, I would have an amplitude window and if my signal was outside of this, I would start a counter. Then, when it was back inside the window for a specified amount of samples in a row, I would stop the count. If anyone else has better ideas, I'd be interested to hear them.

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Thanks for your reply. I want to do this that you said but unfortunately, I did not make it in a sensible way. For example to create counter etc.


Could you please generate a sample vi that include your solution? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks again for your reply.

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It is not clear to me whether your problem is (1) how to measure the time or (2) how to determine the presence of the high frequency distortion.  The counters to which Paul B. referred are related to (1).  I cannot look at your VI from home, so I do not know what you have tried.


You generally get better help on this Forum if you ask very specific questions.  Asking someone to do the whole job for you, especially when you have not provided all the specifications, is much less likely to get you the help you want.



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