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How can I create a ramp function, that continuously increases the voltage over time?

I do not have the option of upgrading to a full version or version 7, so I do not have the ramp vi. How can I increase the voltage over time, because I don't think that ramp vi even has a time element.
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can you use a while loop with a shift register and increment your value at pre-determined intervals ??
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The can easily be duplicated with a few wire strokes, see e.g. attached diagram image.

(Of course, in your case you don't even need the ramp output, just update the voltage in a timed fashion as shown. Just add your own trimmings).
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Thanks a lot, the vi worked exactly how I wanted. I used AO Update Channel vi, instead of Update Voltage vi. It works the same way right?
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Will this example "hang up" the code, or can the program be doing something else while the "for loop" is running?
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That would depend on the "time step" value. Even a 1 - 2 milliseconds is probably enough to prevent most machines from hanging.  Try experimenting with different values while watching the Windows Task Manager CPU usage.




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