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How can I converting data logger .bin files to text?

Is there a way of converting the files that "Hi speed data logger" example that comes with LabView into text?

I would like to read these files with MSExcel for further analysis.


Ahmet Toprak
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The reason it is a "High speed data logger" is because of the fact it writes to .bin. The "high speed data reader" will allow you to read the data. You can add in your own write to text routine at that point and write out to a .txt or an Excel file even for further analysis.
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Hello Dominic:

You are right. Without writing to a bin, it cannot do high speed logging at rates of 10K a second.

My needs are less stringent. I need to capture 100 or so data points a second.

So I may be able to able to directly write to a text file.

However, here is what I figured out since writing my original message:

100 data/sec x 60 x 60 will get me 360,000 data points in an hour--and we need to log the data for at least four hours. Excel cannot have more than 64K of rows. Therefore, converting the .bin file alone will not help me!

I am now looking into a logger with a trigger. When the output power of the device under consideration drops 15 percent or more, I want that event to be recorded.

I am now looking for vi's that may hav
e this feature. Not being a developer myself, I prefer a tested and tried set of off-the-shelf vis...


Ahmet Toprak
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@manzur wrote:

This code is desinged using Java


I have reported you to the moderator since your posts are no better than SPAM.

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