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How can I convert current Vi into SubVi with all my layout kept?

as described
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The only difference between a VI and a subVI is the location in the hierarchy. A main VI should but often doesn't have its controls and indicators defined on the connector pane while a subVI almost always has its controls and indicators defined on the connector pane. So to answer your question, just wire all of your controls and indicators to the connector pane and you've made a subVI.
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I want to add to previous posting that there is a very easy and elegant way to do what you want.
1.Change your cursor to positioning tool (arrow).
2.Then select the part of your block diagram or even whole the diagram.
3.Then choose from menu "Edit->Create SubVI".
4.The selected part will be replaced with subVI with correct connectors and controls.
5.Go into this subVI and save it.

This method has some limitations in usage of local variables and property nodes of external objects. You can read more details in your Help menu. Go to "Help->Contents and Index->Creating VIs and SubVIs->SubVIs->Creating SubVIs from VI Selections"

Good luck.

Oleg Chutko.
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hi Oleg Chutko,

why is not my create sub vi option active? i tried to convert one of my vi to sub vi? but i did not success. i want to put simple terminal vi into my ykpa01vi as a sub vi.


best regards



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The thread you responded to is 10 years old.


You're confused on the subVI concept.  You just need to drag the icon of and drop it onto the block diagram of 


Create SubVI function is to take a part of a main diagram, select it, then make a subVI out of that.  Read up on tutorials for more info...

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duplicate post


As noted there, you need to modify the subVI - you are calling it but it just won't stop.

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