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How can I change the time stamp of a waveform?

I am using a "waveform" data type and I want to change its time tamp.
There is a vi "set waveform". I connected a string NI_ExpTimeStamp and a integer to the set waveform
Nothing happens. It does not seem to replace anything since the boolean output remains "false", but I do not get an error.
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I would use the Build Waveform primitave.  Feed the waveform in and set the t0 component. 

I am not comfortable with the timestamp attributes.  Both NI_ExpStartTimeStamp and NI_ExpTimeStamp describe the "time stamp of the first sample".  So, what happens if they are set to different values?  I have used set and get on other attributes with great sucess, but the timestamp attributes seem to be attempting to duplicate values that already exist elsewhere in the waveform.

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Yes, this works.
Thanks a lot.
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