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How can I assign filename for the Write Table to from NI sample?

The sample from NI (Write Table to works fine, but always it open a "Book1" as defult then askes to save it later!

I try to modify it and assign a meaningfull filename so that the user does need to save or rename it ... but I failed!

Is there an easy way to modify this sample for that purpose? Can anyone help me?

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I modified your vi, it creates an XLS file with the filename you assign (no dialog box).
You get a dialog box only if the file already exists, but this is normal; if you don't want to have it either, simply delete it progammatically before creating the new one.
Good luck,

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Hi Alberto,

Thank for the modification, it works as I like it ... you helps me save a lot of times (I did try like it before, but I forget to change the Excel control ... and the "Book1" appears always confused me and that was why I thought my assigned filename did not affected at all!).

With your comments that actually makes my applications working very well now.

Thanks a lot and regards
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