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How To Include And Run an External Executable Within My LabVIEW-Built application

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I have an LabVIEW application that has an event case which calls an external .exe using the function as described here:

To use this method, I provide the path to the .exe I am calling. I now wish to add this functionality to a build.

To do this I am able to include the external .exe and its associated files when I make a build and an installer. However, 

how can I find the file path to the .exe after my application has been installed? 

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I have found a working solution to this problem. By using the application directory you can determine the location that the application has been installed in. From there you only need to append to the application path the specified location for the .exe you call. If you use the default settings when making a build the 'support files' will be in a folder called 'data'.

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Include the executable in your project and you can create an installer build and include it with your install..

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Hi Sam,


why do you need to convert a path to a string, from string to path and again from path to string? Why don't you use BuildPath to build a path?

Why is the "Downloader" button not read inside its event case? (I guess the same applies to "EXIT"…)


And why don't you attach a snippet instead of a blurry JPG image?

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