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How Does Serial Port Works

Just posting when you asked for that Smiley Very Happy

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Although, I think this aspect in the serial port is not all the well documented it should.

Hope other's could avoid that kind of problems thanks to these post.

Remember: Right-click over the serial port read and/or write block to avoid problems. Smiley TongueSmiley Very Happy

See you!!
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Hi Juanjo Vega,


I'm also currently working with a scorbot system, the Performer M2K that uses the Controller-B. I'm trying to get my hands on the ATS 2.0 software for the Controller-B specifically.

I have version 1.9 that is for the Controller-A. So I'm not sure of the differences between these two versions but I'm wondering if you have access to ATS 2.0 for the Controller-B?

I'm hoping the ATS 1.9 I have will work the same, but I'm still troubleshooting and thought the software version might also be adding to the RS232 comunication problem.



Gerry O'Brien

robotics@digital-circuitry DOT com

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I want to control scorbot er-ix through visual c++. I have ATS and Scorbase. Regarding the code required to control scorbot, cn u tell me hw did u get to knw the signals to be sent thru the serial port to perform the desired task. And is it possible to control the robot solely thru hyperterminal. Are the commands for hyperterminal and ATS the same.



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I am exactly working on the same issue, but for SCORBOT ER V. I have only the SCORBOT ER V, the CONTROLLER A and ACL software active on my PC. It would be of great help if you can tell me how to send commands to the CONTROLLER A throught LabVIEW or MATLAB through the RS 232 interface. Its my thesis. 


Amar Makana.

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