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How Do I set up a LabView ActiveX server?

Are there any documenation or sample program which is about how to setup a LabView ActiveX server? my C++ program will dynamically call VI and then pass the integer to Labview program via ActiveX and then perform some control of digital oscillscope. Do anyone help me? thanks for help so much......It is in hurry......please help..............

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From the NI knowledge base...

Problem: How do I enable LabVIEW as an ActiveX Server?

Solution: Under Edit >> Preferences >> Server: Configuration, select ActiveX as a protocol and enable all server resources. Under Edit >> Preferences >> Server: Exported VIs, list the name of all VIs that can be accessed remotely. You can include the full path to the VI, or just list its name. Wildcard characters are valid. You can explicitly deny access to certain VIs by clicking the Deny Access button. Note that changes to the Server will not take effect until LabVIEW is relaunched.
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