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How Do I Configure the PFI Lines as input in PXI 6713 module

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I have PXI 6713 module in my PXI 1044 chassis. I have configured PXI 6713 module to geneate certain analogue signals to my board.

Board inturn process this analogue signal and responds back the status signals through a status register on the board. In my application,the status bits in status register of  the board are mapped to the PFI 0:3 bits on PXI 6713 module ( pins 11,10 , 42 and 43).


My query is how do i configue the PFI lines as input in PXI 6713 module to read these status bits ??


May be below explanation could give you little bit more information my query.



When i use NI USB - 6008    module to read the same bits , since this device has 12 digital I/O lines, i could able to read the status bits in to the last 4 digital lines by configuring the those digital lines as input.



In PXI 6713  module i have only 8 digital lines. These 8 digital lines i have used to send the digital signals to the board. I am left with no digital I/O lines. Hence i couldn't use these digital lines. I am left with only one option to use. Theya re PFI lines. Moreover the status bits in the pin out of board are mapped such that the bits can be read through the PFI lines.


I am wondering do we have any example code to use  inorder to read these status bits on the board using the PFI lines.


Please let me know if you need additional information to help me out.



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Accepted by topic author sripapa
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Hello There,


When using the PFI pin as an input, you can individually configure each PFI for edge or level detection and for polarity selection.  This PFI information can be referenced in the DAQ Analog Output Series Manual on page 6-1 (  Unfortunately, the PXI-6713 PFI lines are only capable of timing input and output signal for AI, AO, or counter/timer functions.  The option of creating static DI from the PFI lines is not available for the PXI-6713. However, some cards have this capability.  Newer National Instruments products with PFI lines have the option of setting PFI lines as:

  1. Static Digital Input 
  2. Static Digital Output
  3. Timing Input Signal for AI, AO, DI, DO, or counter/timer functions 
  4. Timing Output Signal from AI, AO, DI, DO, or counter/timer functions

When set as static DIO, the PFI lines are assigned to a different port (eg. PFI0-7 is Port1).  More details about this can be referenced at:

Roman Sandoval | National Instruments | RF Systems Engineer
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Hello Roman,


Thank you very much for your inputs. YOur reply is really very helpful.


I am looking  at other ports on my chassis with other modules to capture the status signals.





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