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How Big Should The Main Vi Be?


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@Mark Yedinak wrote:


> You can pass data from a subVI running a while loop without waiting for it to complete. You can use queues, notifiers, LVOOP objects or action engines (functional globals). I generally like to use queues.

For LVOOP you must be talking about by reference right?


> If you are simply looking for some place to put the data while you are working on it shift registers work very well for this

I have really started to like using feedback nodes instead of shift registers whenever possible.


It depends. If you want a single copy of the data you would need to define the object to use an internal DVR or single element queue to allow all the desired data to be consistent. In other cases you can simply pass a new object to the other side. It depends on what you are actually doing which method works best.


For instance, if you have a log object which is a log file you really want it to be a single entity. For instance, if  you change the log file name you want all instances to get updated. If you are simply passing an event message with some associated methods the message itself is the object and each message can stand alone and does not need to use a DVR.

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