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Hold value until it changes

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I'm pretty new to Labview and I am working on a project. I control VLC media player by telnet. I want to have the time value displayed in front panel. To do so, I write the command "get_time" on one iteration and read the answer on the next iteration and so on. What does appen is that my time value flick because it come back to 0 each two iterations.


What can I do to hold value until it change? I have made few test with feedback nodes and shift register, whitout succes.



Thank you!

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Just move the decoding of the time and writing to the indicator to be inside of the case structure so that it is only done when you perform a read.

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I don't see where you attempted feedback node or shift registers for that in your VI.  Here is an example of how it would look.


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So simple!


Thank you!

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