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High speed scope not saving correct number of samples


Hi NI Community,


I have a PXIe-5172 module that can collect data up to 250MS/s. I tried to create a simple program to collect data at 10MS/s and ran it for 10 seconds. I would expect the saved file to have 100M samples total because 10MS/s * 10s = 100MS. But my file comes out to be only 13MS. I think it is not saving all of the data or there is issue with configuring the module. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and helpful!


Thank you.

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Don't have NI-Scope installed at the moment, so I can't see some VIs. But get rid of your array indicator and plot in the producer loop; that can significantly slow down your acquisition. I don't know how many points you are getting with each acquisition, but the two indicators will make multiple copies of your data and slow down thing as the UI has to update the indicators.


If you want to see your data, put those indicators in the consumer loop, and even better decimate your data before displaying it.



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