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High pulse every samples to read on DAQmx

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I am trying to make a tachometer display on labview. I am using the USB 6001 device to read the tachometer analog data.


While developing the program, I tried to use the USB 6001 with no sensor connected, just to see how the signal looks like, but in the Waveform Chart I found so many peaks every samples of reading, and when I displayed the graph waveform, it showed like a "time of stabilization". How could I eliminate this initial peak every time?


I will appreciate your comments


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You only posted a picture of your code, not your actual code, so we can't debug it- but I believe you're resetting your filter every loop. You want to reset the filter once at the beginning, then never again during your acquisition, otherwise it'll reinitialize and give you false peaks.

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That was the solution. Thank you so much!

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