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High Precision Balance/Scale via USB Serial RS232 timeout error

@Faustiño wrote:

Hello! I reealize it has been a very long time since this post, but maybe you'll still respond. I'm currently working with some made to order machine for measuring acoustic parameters (although I thnik this is not relevant). And it uses labview, however, the machine was built and the code written over 5 years ago by someone else, who has since lost the source code. All I have is an executable (or so I believe, it's a .vi file but it only brings up the UI to run the machine).


After installing all the necessary software, trying to run it on Xp and Win7 both, changing the USB Serial adapter, I keep getting the same timeout error you did.

Would you mind elaborating a but more on what you did that finally got it working?Maybe it'll help me!


P.D. The funny thing is the I have got it to work once or twice before, usually when I connect everything after just having turned on the computer, but whenever I try it again afterwards, I get the timeout error.


Thanks in advance,

Hopeful Faust

Your problem is different enough that you should start your own topic if you haven't already.

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I have started my thread but figured I might also get some insight here 🙂


Thanks Diegobestel, I'll have that in mind as well, otherwise what I'll probably do is just measure once at a time after having turnd eveything on, shut eveything down, rinse and repeat. might be tedious but at least I can get something done.


Salutations, Faust

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