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Hiding some markers on Meter Indicator

Using a meter indicator with arbitrarily spaced markers, is it possible to selectively hide some markers?
I need to specify 5 markers on a meter, but two of these are specified simply to set the maximum and minimum meter values. I don't want these max/min values to show. However, I do want to show the middle three marker values.
If I enable the display of markers, it seems that the max/min markers are always displayed. Can I turn these off, but leave the middle three markers displayed?
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There are only nine options for the meter control. The screenshot attached to this post shows the nine different options. However, there are no display format options that allow you to hide the max min. However, you could put this in a product suggestion by going to
I hope this helps!
Mehak D.
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In labview 7.0 there is an option to use text labels on your meter. You can set the first and last text label to be empty. Then make the other text labels match your original scale values in the middle. Attached is a demo in 7.0 format.


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That did it! Thank you.
Your reply got me looking at the help for the Text Labels[] and used the following instructions from help:
"If you want to create non-sequential numeric values, use the Digital Displays[] property to get a reference to the text label display then cast the reference to the Ring class and use the Strings And Values [] property."
That worked great...a little non-intuitive, but it worked. The text strings associated with the first and last values are blank.
UncleBump, thank you for the pointer!
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