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I'm  working on a project which requires a bluetooth communication between my PC to my device – EMANT 380. I use Bluetooth Discover and Bluetooth Open Connection. So far, so good. But when I tried to obtain the data from the data out point of the Bluetooth Read I was unable to get anything. When I run the VI, it works with no errors but when I probe at the data out point there was nothing. I was wondering if you have the time, can you check my Bluetooth Read VI just to see if I connected them correctly.


Help, plssssss!!!

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Can you attach your vi?
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Thanks for reply!!

Here is the IV..

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1.  To make sure you actually catch all the potential errors, you need to wire the error cluster everywhere you can.  You did not wire the error out from Bluetooth to the error in of Bluetooth Open  A side note: Try to avoid wiring from right to left to get the status from the error cluster (unbundle by name). 


2.  Use shift registers instead of tunnels for the error cluster going in and out of the While Loop.


3.  You appear to have similar code to the "Simple Bluetooth" example; however, the number of bytes to read (4) is disconnected from the "bytes to read" connector on the Bluetooth   If you look at the example (Help menu > Find Examples > Search > Bluetooth), you will see that it is wired.


4.  When  you run the VI, have a look at the array of devices.  Is there a device that is listed?  And are you getting the address? 




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Take a look at the "Advanced Bluetooth" example.  It may actually be closer to what you need and it allows you to select the address from a list of devices.


It is located in the same search location:  Help menu > Find Examples > Search > Bluetooth > Advanced Bluetooth




C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW ***your LV version ***\examples\comm\Bluetooth.llb\Advanced Bluetooth

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I will try...

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Hello again!!


i have been trying to a single data for my EMANT 380 (voltage), and i build the following VI..

I receive the 56 error when i run the vi??

Can you help??

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Error 56 is the target refusing the connection. Last time I saw that error (last week) it was due to the wrong port being specified when the connection was attempted.



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I think the most likely reason will be that your bluetooth might be invisible. This is the default thing in windows. Go to bluetooth control panel and turn on "discover" which will make the server visible to the client.
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Yes, but my bluetooth server is the device EMANT 380...

The Discover VI saw the device, but i can read data from it...

I don't no what it's wrong....

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