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Hi, do i need all of (Labview, NI-VISA and NI-DAQmx) install on my PC in order to communicate to a hardware. Confused, although i know what all 3 means.

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Well, if you'd know what all of three stated softwarebundles are, you wouldn't ask.

Therefore, i have some questions for you:

What hardware are you talking about?

Do you need to programm the access on your own or do you have an executable which you want to run?

What OS are you using?


hope this helps,


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You seem to be suffering from messagebodyitis which is an unnatural fear of using the message body to convey some actual information. I understand this can be treated with drugs and therapy.Smiley Very Happy


When you have overcome this malady, provide (in the message body), some actual details of the hardware you need to connect. If you truly understand what each means, then I don't quite understand why you are asking the question in the first place.

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Hi pauldesign,


LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment/language. With it you CAN interface with hardware, but it's not necessarily required. If your hardware is one of our data acquisition products then you will need the driver for that which is DAQmx. If you're trying to talk to another instruments that communicates over serial or GPIB, you CAN use NI-VISA, which is an added layer of communication that simplifies communication by abstracting what is below.


And if you give more detail about your hardware we can help you more :).



Jeff | LabVIEW Software Engineer
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I appreciate your reply.

Some  of my questions might sounds stupid, yes i accept, it's my first time intending to use NI technogies, i have read the tutorials and demo projects it sounds somehow easy and awesome. I will ask all my worries.


Thanks, i'm a bit clear off, below is detail of my intended application:


I  intend to use NI USB-6509 device for DIO read/write applications. (Writing a ' logic1' to any of it's port (setting as input), connect one end of a wire to that port then connect the other end of the wire to any other port, set it as output by writing a ' logic 0', then read from that port to determined if the 'logic 1' sigal was received.


I intend to use any of  the supporting API languages preferably labview to do the write and read operations, that was why i did asked if i have to install NI-DAQmx (8.7.1 or higher) which is the driver for the NI-USB 6509. It is also mentioned that it has built in Labview libraries and functions that can be called,  does that means i can use only the driver alone to write the applications or  i still have to use Labview or others to write  the applications or call the library functions because you just mentioned that Labview is not necessary required to interface hardware.  Can i substitute labview with signal express since it's will be sold combinewith the driver and hardware.

I found on NI-USB 6509 datasheet, it operates at USB speed, does that implies the data rate, if not what is the max data rate.

I couldn't install NI DAQmx driver 8.6x on my machine it says wins 32. ( i'm using windows XP SP2, AMD dual core processor, 512Mb ram, 250gig sata/IDE hard drives.


To summarized: I need a full NI software setup requirements to commuincate with NI-USB device preferably 6509 at upto megahertz frequency range or any alternative solution. Please send me also the quote per individual components for the complete hardware and software setup.


Thanks very much, i appreciate your time spent to read and understand my doughts.







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If you look at the specs of the 6509, you will see that it is software timed. You will be lucky if you get 1kHz speeds.


For quotes on appropriate hardware and software, you should contact your local NI Sales Engineer or NI directly.

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If you install DAQmx (the driver for communication with our data acquisition devices), you can write code in LabVIEW, C/C++, and VB. So no, you don't need LabVIEW. Signal Express may also be appropriate depending on your application. It is menu-driven but lacks the maneuverability of a regular programming language.


I would highly recommend talking to your sales rep. They can answer any questions you have about specific requirements for your application. Go to this link here to get in touch.

Jeff | LabVIEW Software Engineer
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Hi Jeff


Your response was great, it cleared 80% of my doughts, the remaining 20% is for the max data rate (speed) of the device.

According to the data shee, it is software time, what is the max that can be achieved by sending basic I/O read and write opeartions using a core2duo CPU and ram size of 1G operating in windows 2000/XP.





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Hi pauldesign,


Glad to help. If a device is software timed, it is hard to say what its max speed is - it just the maximum speed of your while loop to switch the digital I/O which can be affected by your processor, processor load, memory, etc.


Instead, you should find a USB device that has correlated digital I/O. The M-series USB devices should have this such as the USB-6218 or the USB-6259.

Jeff | LabVIEW Software Engineer
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Hi Jeff


Thanks once more may be the last email, you see my applications requires a USB device with a minimun of 64 digital I/O  lines which i'm sure can be implemented with NI USB 6509 and more to that it is low cost. My only worry at this point in time is the data rate because if i have to write a 1Mbyte code size and transmit it @ a data rate of 1Kbps, it will take approx 130 minutes. Anyway i'll try with the 6509 simulated device.


You said earlier that i don't need Labview, do you meant to say i can use a different programming language besdies Labview or do you meant i can implement Labview funtionalities with NIDAQmx. I want to write my own custom code, not ticking boxes and clicking next which can't be customized.

I appreciate all your concern.





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