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Hi, am new to labview

i want to design a program for air flow detector ..can anyone help..or has anyone got a program that i can use?

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Let's keep this all in one place.

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Well at least there is a better question than the last time here.


For one we are not a code writing group. You need to try things and come back for HELP. Asking for someone to do this for you is a little over the top. Do some research and figure out what it would take start some code by exploring the great examples that come with LabVIEW and then come back and ask specific questions.


Hey will you buy me a car? It is really the same thing. For what some of the guys charge per hour when not volenteering here, it might be cheaper.

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no need for harsh only asking for help 

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Air flow detector.   Smiley Indifferent   Does MSc = Mundane Science?


Of course if you use the detector to measure the speed of a DeLorean....

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@yasmin wrote:


no need for harsh only asking for help 

Yeah but we already know this is school work so asking for a "program you can use" is not going to get you very far around here.  Sorry.


EDIT:  BTW, welcome to LabVIEW and the forums!  Don't get scared away, this a a great resource.  We just like clear and specific questions.  It makes it easier to help (which is why we're here).

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You need a hot-wire anemometer. You can get one from You will also need some kind of hardware that can read the signal it puts out. First you need to decide on the anemometer that fits your needs then find out what kind of hardware you can use to read the signal from it. If you are feeling adventurous you can try to figure out how to use one from a car. The mass airflow sensor is a hot wire anemometer.


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It is very simple but moreever It depends on the hardware which you want to use...


Simply you need to make acquisition software compatible with your hardware platform.


Hope it helps...



With Regards,



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