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Hi I'm using tca9548a mux with 4 mcp4725 DAC module. I need a solution to do i2c communication.

TCA9548a's address is 0x70.


MCP 4725's address is 0x61.


I want to make a analog signal with mcp4725 dac module. But I don't know which command that I have to use.


I made already analog output with mcp4725, but the problem is mux.


I'm doing a I2C communication by linx but it doesn't work at all


I connected a dac's sda,scl to sd0,sc0 of the mux.


my question is 


1. The way to connect pull-up registers.


2. LINX I2C commands.


I posted my vi file and I have less knowledge of programming. Though it looks not that good, please help me. 



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