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Hex to Binary for a Digital Output



I have made a VI to transmit a long Digital Binary Output (this is a protocol for a fire system) and its currently working for what i need, but it isn't very appealing. I want to convert the Binary into Hex so i can easily edit the Output when i move into the different cases in the state machine (currently i'm only working on "1"). I have had some success, but becuase i'm sending such a large package the VI crashes and only Outputs "1's". Can anyone point me in the right direction?




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You can make things a lot easier on yourself by using a numeric to start with.  You can set the radix so you can view it in hex (right-click->View->Radix, change it to hex).  I recommend inverting there and then use Array To Boolean Array followed by Boolean To 0,1.

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I can't open your VI so this may not be completely applicable.  As crossrulz mentioned, you can change the radix of numeric controls.  You can also do the same thing on case structures by right clicking the case selector. 


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