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Hex string changes value after concentrate string operation

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Hello All,

I have a wired problem.

In order to control my servo I need to send an HEX string and its checksum

The checksum calculation is Correct, but after concentrating the two string, the checksum Hex Value is changed. 

I am at a loss here.

How can this be explained and avoided?

Please see attached VI saved to labview 18.

Thanks very much


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No change at all. The concatenated string and checksum is displayed in Hex, while the checksum is displayed in Normal format.

So, the checksum E3 corresponds to hex format 4533 as expected.

LV 7.1, 2011, 2017, 2019
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Accepted by topic author GilMaor

For any string you are not using the "normal" display on, I HIGHLY recommend you turn on the "Display Style" (right-click, Visible Items->Display Style).  It will become obvious that your Checksum indicator is in normal display while all of the others are in hex.


With that said, I am fairly certain that your checksum should not be the ASCII formatting of the checksum.  Use a Type Cast or Flatten To String to keep the checksum in a hex format like the rest of your data.


Slightly off topic, but there is a Add Array Elements that will eliminate the need for your FOR loop.

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That solved the issue!

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