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Here is a challenge to GUI guru

Anyone Labview guru here has a nice audio or multimedia GUI (Graphical User Interface) front panel done in Labview? It should be done with customized control/indicator buttons. Something similar to Winamp or Windowmedia player skins is extremely nice and appreciated but half way there is also nice enough. I don't have enough time to get it done from scratch for a bench application.
Thanks a lot in advance!
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I need some nice professional looking boolean, slide, numeric, ect. like those on Winamp or any multimedia skin for customizing a Labview panel.

Any help?

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One of the example VIs for the RF analyzer toolkit is a software FM radio. If you don't have the toolkit some subVIs might be missing, but you can still have a look at the front panel, which is somewhat winamp-like and might inspire you.
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THANK YOU Dan u! I just downloaded several Winamp skins and others but this is BETTER because it is Labview readySmiley Wink.
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Guess what? The big shots of the company that I am with took the exe file of the A/V panel vi with them to the CES this week and the customers really liked it. It took a couple of weeks for me to get it nearly perfected. Honestly there are software experts here in VC, VB, Assembly, C/C++ but they had to admit that LV really is the fastest way to create such a pretty and professional looking GUI and it worked just lilke any other programming languages. Thanks NI for coming up with the ingenius way of programming, the G way or wire workers like meSmiley Wink.
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That's a great story Napview!

Thank you for sharing,


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So, can you show us what it looks like?

Try to take over the world!
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@tst wrote:
So, can you show us what it looks like?

Yes post a screen snapshot here! :-)

Rolf Kalbermatter

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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OK it was invitations only at the CES but what the heck as long as the company logo is invisible then it is fine to share. Here it is..
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Nice looking GUI. Good song playing to.

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