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Help with DIgital Output Array with 6062E DAQ CARD...

Good morning, folks... I need some help with digital output of the 6062E PCMCIA card... I can output 1 line without problems... I need to control a 4066 with my digital outputs... I am doing this without greater problems... but there's something... I need that when one of my outputs is high, the others become low, unchangeably... so I tried to use an array to control my output and I couldn't do that... some errors showed up... can you help me please? Maybe there's any errors at my software, then I thank you if you help me... the vi is anexed...


Best Regards...

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Since you have 'one channel for all lines' set with the DAQmx Create Channel, change your DAQmx Write to '1Chan 1Samp'. And move the Create Channel, Stop, Clear, etc. to outside the loop.


What you want to do is the same as the example called 'Write Dig Chan'. Did you look at any of the examples first?

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Do what Dennis said, then put a delay timer in your loop.....


no timer.png




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Thanks guys. But or I didn't understand what to do, or I didn't explain very well. I would like to control the 8 digital outputs at the same time, with an array, instead of using several VI's. For example, I would like to send 0b00010101 to the dig output port. Is it possible?


Another doubt I have... when I start the CARD, the output is HIGH or LEVEL for default?


Thank you so much for ur helP!

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See below for one of many methods. Change the "lines" string for your setup.

Also, please explore the Examples that ship with LabVIEW, and read your card's manual.




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