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Help me create a 2D boolean control...

I want to create a 2D boolean control which sets or clears links between channels indicated in row and column headers, but I don't know how to create this.  I like the square LED as the boolean element for control, but I need text labels for the rows and columns.  If I create a 2D boolean array for the control, and two 1D string indicator arrays for the row and column text labels, then I need to make the sizes match so that they are aligned, but the string property: Size does not appear to be the same as the LED indicator property: Button Size.  Setting them identically results in misalignment.  What am I missing?

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Im a little confused by what youre asking for.  It helps a lot if you show code.  Can you show what you have and what youd like to have? A picture is worth a thousand words Smiley Wink

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While a screen shot that illustrates your goal my disqualify this reply, I will still offer it.


In this Thread we collected links to other threads that used a 2d Picture control.


What you are asking to do invloves some trivail pciture control opeartions that are integrated using non-trivial logic.


The lines connecting row and collum headers is simple enough using a picture control. What get hairy is getting "hot spots" in the matrix to be used as virtual booleans to make the conection. You can make that part of the task a lot easier if you can limit the number of collumns and rows at development time, and just use normal booleans that overlay the background picture.


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Disregard.  I solved the problem by reading the Bounds property of the string indicator and appropriately adjusting the value written to the Button Size property of the LED control to make the bounds of both come out the same.

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