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Help for movement tracking project

My project requires the software to do this:

A stationary camera will be overlooking a small room. Any moving objects will be tracked and a box overlay will be placed over the subjects for easier human identification. Note that it could be any random movement like humans walking, balls rolling etc.


So far using the Vision Assistant, I could only manage to track specified targets which required user input. However, I need it to track any random movement. Any google searches would bring me to this type of tracking as well.

Can anyone help me with this? Any examples, explainations, links, sources, videos, or even a semi/fully completed VI would be greatly appreciated. Help please, I'm new to LabView.

Thank you everyone. 

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Did you look at the Object Tracking example in LabVIEW?  Note that you are taking on a fairly sophisticated problem, using a Toolkit that has its own share of peculiiarities and sparse documentation.  If you are just getting started in LabVIEW, I recommend a three-to-six month apprenticeship with an experienced Developer learning the basics before tackling a project of this magnitude.


Bob Schor

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