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Help!!! Producer/consumer architecture applied to XYZ axis machine control & oscilloscope capture

I would like to ask if anyone can help me a lot~~~~


The content is as follows:


I have two labview programs at hand: one is the motion control program of the XYZ axis gantry machine, and the other is the digital oscilloscope acquisition program (model: Tektronix MDO3034).


Now I combine these two programs, and then use the producer/consumer structure to build a scanning system, and the working method of this scanning system is: the movement trajectory of the gantry is a bow shape, and only the X axis and the Y axis are moved, and it is Continuous movement; when the gantry moves, the oscilloscope will judge according to the distance interval I set, and then execute the acquisition.


But the problem I encountered now is: the gantry cannot perform the acquisition according to the set acquisition interval during the moving process, resulting in the incomplete waveform data I have collected. Take the attached working diagram of the scanning system as an example, if I want to capture The ratio of the data to be taken is 5 X 5, so it is impossible to capture all positions in each direction during the actual test.


Q : I would like to ask how to judge and let the oscilloscope capture at the same time when the mobile program is running? Thank you.

Attached is the working diagram of the scanning system & the scanning system program:


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The scanning system program :

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