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Help! Labview IP change!

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Please put all in a zip file to create one single attachment so we can unzip into a separate folder. The possibilities of conflicts with similarly named files already in my download folder is just too big.

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Hi ml,


which part of "the forum accepts ZIP files" didn't you understand?

@Christian: even worse the lvproj references the current folder as "autopopulate"…


You need to edit your, the "init" case of the PLC communication state machine is important to your question!

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Im not exactly sure, but it looks like you just need to change the string constant in the 'init' case of PLC to LabVIEW Communication loop in Its hard coded to,1,0 right now. I would put this in a config file so you can easily edit it. 

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Can you help me with a config file for IP adress? Because I dont know how i can make it. 


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Help>Find Examples>Fundamentals>File Input and Output>Configuration. 


That should give you a good starting point. If you get stuck, I would start a new topic specific to that question. 

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