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Having trouble reading v7.3 MATLAB mat file with MATLAB Data Plugin [1.4.06900]


Hi guys,

I tried to read some mat files with MATLAB Data Plugin [1.4.06900]. The vi works perfect with v5 or v7, but not able to read v7.3. Is anyone having this issue as well?

I am using LabVIEW 2016 Professional and MATLAB 2017a.

Thank you very much.

File Extension: *.MAT
Direction: Read / Write
Last Change: November 22, 2017 [1.4.06900]
Update Information:

The following changes have been made to this version:

  •  Added support for MATLAB version 7.3 files





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Hi gangxu,


Do you have a sample data set that we could use to try and reproduce this in-house?


Matt | NI Systems Engineering
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Hi Matt,


Thanks for you reply.

To run this test vi, please install MATLAB data plugin.


I've have a couple of mat files attached in the zip file.

The mat files have identical variables inside.


>> save('D:\MAT_file_v7.3.mat','sine_signal','cosine_signal','-v7.3');
>> save('D:\MAT_file_v7.mat','sine_signal','cosine_signal','-v7');
>> save('D:\MAT_file_v6.mat','sine_signal','cosine_signal','-v6');
>> save('D:\MAT_file_v4.mat','sine_signal','cosine_signal','-v4');


Only v7.3 mat file fails.

Screenshot - 2_5_2018 , 11_03_11 AM.png

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Really solid description - I reproduced this here and will let our DataPlugin R&D know.  Are you able to work around this for the time being or has this stopped your development?



Matt | NI Systems Engineering
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Hi Matt,

Thanks for the support. I can deal with the mat file reading later. No big issue. Just wanna make sure it is a bug or my misunderstanding.

Thanks again.



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No problem.  Like I said, I looped in our DataPlugins team and they're in the process of digging into this.  I can't comment definitively on when the fix will be available but we'll keep you updated. 

Matt | NI Systems Engineering
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Thanks Matt. 

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