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Having trouble getting data from a BK 9201 power supply

So I've got a BK Precision 9201 power supply that I'm controlling over USB with Labview 2019 32-bit. I'm able to control it, meaning I can set the voltage, the current and turn it on and off. But I cannot for the life of me get an actual current (amp) reading from it. Voltage works fine though.

I'm using the official BK 9200 labview driver. But I also originally was using the generic Instrument I/O assistant and had the same problem. Weird thing is, when I would run the step it would actually give me the current amp value. Then I would press "Auto parse" button because I assume that creates a variable that I can read from that is always reading the current amp value, but it still wouldn't work/show any data. Again, only thing that works in voltage.

Does anyone know what the issue might be? It's driving me nuts, I don't want to have to get an actual daq over here and hook up a current transducer when it can all be done via USB!

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Have you tried using the "Read" from the LabVIEW drivers?

(It's under \bk_precision_9200_series\BK Precision 9200 Series\Public\Data)


I don't have your instrument to test it on but it looks like Read Output returns actual voltage, current, and power measurements from the power supply.


Also it gives you an example of how to use the SCPI commands to make your own VI if you only want to do one of those functions.


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