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Having problem with DAQ assistant

Hey guys,

I'm using DAQ assistant to do the measurement, but when I ran the programme it appeared errors with the "SubVI": SubVI 'DAQ Assistant' is not executable. I have no idea of what's going on here, so I wonder if anybody could help me with that.





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You really made a photo with your mobile phone, and posted that? Smiley LOL

If you really need to share a screenshot, just use the "PrintScreen" button on your keyboard, then Ctrl+V the picture into Windows Paint for example, voala 😉

(From Win7 on, there is also an app in windows called "Snipping Tool" which can make a screenshot for you.)


However, in the LabVIEW forum a simple picture is mostly not helpful. You should attach your problematic VI, so people can have a real look at it by opening it and examining what is going on.

Anyway, based on these photos you attached, you have some wires not connected, wrong terminals connected, and not supported property node. Did you actually read these error msgs? If you click on a particular item, it should show the location of the problem on your block diagram.


Attach your VI.

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My best guess is that you have a configuration wrong and it caused the scripting of the DAQ Assistant code to error out before it completed, leaving you with a bad VI.


As already mentioned, post your actual VI and also tell us what you are trying to do with the DAQ.  Then we can help with troubleshooting.

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Thanks for your suggestions anyway, buddy!

I've solved this problem already.

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Then tell how you solved the problem.  That way if someone searches the forums with the same problem and discovers this thread, they can benefit from your experience.  It isn't all about receiving help, but also about giving help back.

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