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Having inaccurate measurement of the NISCOPE

Hi all


I am working on a measurement system has two chassis, the first chassis has 5 generators NI RFSG 5673 and the other chassis has 5 receivers NI RFSG 5663. Also, there are two digitizer card Ni SCOP 5122 to read from the current probe. The old code as per attached (OLD.png) was used to generate and receive multi-tone measurements but then been replaced with new one (NEW.png) to solve the inaccurate phase measurements. The only thing that was kept same in the code is the Ni SCOP 5122 but now I am getting wrong results. I realized the old code used a trigger called “Start Digital Edge” but the new approach of building up the new code has changed the trigger to “REF Digital Edge” after using the marker event as well.


The problem is when If I change the trigger to the old method, the digitizer is working fine but others are wrong while keep the new code, everything is correct and accurate except the digitizer!! Please advice?



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Just to activate the thread again!. Any support? Thanks in advance

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