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Has anyone used a USB device server with a DAQmx or NI-VISA USB device?



I have an application where I need to communicate with USB devices (some through DAQmx, others through NI-VISA) that will be more than 15 feet away from the controlling PC.  I could use USB-ethernet-USB dongles, but I also see that there are USB-over-ethernet device servers available (like this one:  Has anyone used these or similar USB device servers successfully with LabVIEW?  




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Hi Nathan,

Thanks, but information you provided is for extenders only. I'm more interested in a device server. In this setup, on or more USB devices is connected to a box that connects to your network over ethernet. In addition to allowing you to remote your devices, you don't need a ton of USB Ports on your PC. I'm curious if anyone has tried one. I've successfully used Rose Electronics USB extenders before - I'm hoping the device server would be a more flexible solution.
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As long at the device can meet the timing and throughput contraints of the DAQmx drivers, it should work.  For NI-VISA, its just serial, so I don't see any limitation there.  The first link I posted, on the last post, one of our Product Support Engineers said:

"We've also found that most USB to ethernet and "wireless" USB extenders either don't work at all with our products, or have unacceptable throughput and reliability issues."


It would be nice to know if someone has had any success though.

Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Well, we've ordered one, so I'll report back after we run some tests...

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Just FYI - the AnywhereUSB from Digi appears to work well for my application.  After installing the drivers, connecting the device server, and plugging a NI USB-6009 into the server, my PC detected the 6009 as if it had been plugged into a local USB port.  In addition, I've done the same test with an Ocean Optics USB2000+ spectrometer.  No issues - and again, as far as my PC is concerned, the usb devices appear exactly as if they were plugged into local ports.



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Hi Jason,

did this end up being a functional option?  Did you use the Digi Anywhere?  They are a bit pricy but I'm looking for a solution to my SCXI-1600 which has issues with usb extenders.





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Sadly, I had to give up on it. The ocean optics spectrometers don't expose a serial number in their USB interface. As soon as you connect more than one to the network, they all stop working. But the DAQ devices all worked fine in my tests... If I didn't have the spectrometer requirement, I'd have probably gone ahead with it.
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Thanks for the response.

I'm interested in running a DAQ box at the end of the line and it sounds like you had luck with it.  We'll buy one probably since there are other uses in case that application fails. 




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Well did it work. I have a similar issue I need to connect 9 USB-6353, 3 CanBus, 3 GPIB units to one PC and just learn of the anywhereusb from digi.

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